Monday, December 31, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 9)

Dear Mat John,

As 2007 is closing its curtain
Year 2008 remain uncertain
Political clowns will continue to entertain
Will Samy Vellu become disdain?
Or will he continue to be Indians chieftain
Or his political career ends in the TOL lane

How about the fate of Pak Lah Badawi
Nicknamed as Malaysia Sleeping Beauty
Will he continue to steer BN to thumping majority
Or 2008 will witness the BA’s victory
BA winning the election is like mimpi siang hari
A popular song sung by the late Broery
Perchance they reduce the two third majority
Maybe Gerakan got fed-up with Umno’s bully
As the case of Youth leader Paranjothy
So Gerakan decided to join with PKR and DAP
Three parties that members are multi-ethnicity
Reflecting new Malaysians living in this beautiful country

Well, we wish it becomes a reality
Malay, Chinese and Indian live in harmony
Together with Kadazans, Ibans, and Benggali
Makan, minum, main dan tidur sekali
Learn to appreciate the diversity
We don’t need NEP or DEB
Since it only benefits the cronies and First Family
You and I do not enjoy the free AP
You and I were not granted permit teksi
You and I do not get timber konsesi
You and I cannot become university’s VC?
Even though you are qualified and have three PhD
Even though you are born and breed as Bumi
Since you and I do not belong to a governing party
Or support them and sign Aku Janji

We can continue to be pensyarah universiti
Nampak glamour tapi pocket got not money
The most affordable car is Waja or Myvi
Since we know promotion is not on meritocracy
It is better for us to migrate oversea
The only thing you will miss is politicians absurdity.

Well Mat John, Happy New Year!
Enjoy the fireworks along the Yarra River!

Keris Silau
31 December 2007

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