Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Letter to Mat John (Part 10)

Dear Mat John,

Hot news, Malaysian Minister in sexual controversy
Mr. Chua Soi Lek, heads Health Ministry
His sex romp was recorded by CCTV
And downloaded from 4 cameras into one-hour DVD
And someone kind enough to distribute them free
So check your mailbox for free copy
And this time nobody questioned its authenticity

I urged you to destroy the DVD immediately
It is disgrace as it is part of pornography
You don’t want to see 60 year old man having sexual fantasy
Of course he gets free supply of Viagra or Tongkat Ali
He just passes the regulation for alternative medicine like homeopathy
By the way he said I am sorry
He still wants to remain as Menteri
He said his apologies were accepted by his wife and family
They accepted my apology and they are behind me
Of course otherwise shoru miss la tambi

It is interesting to listen to comment from Mr. Badawi
As usual he is the last person to know the story
So he hasn’t made any statement officially
If he said it is okay “itu dia punya hal peribadi
Then this government is lack of morality
You never know what to come out from Islam Hadhari
Soon the Grand Imam of Mazhab Hadari will produce the decree

Soi Lek probably had disgruntled enemy
It can be within his political party
General Election is approaching maybe
And they don’t want him to be Labis MP
That’s the risk of being political celebrity
They will continue to intrude your privacy
There are many politicians caught in close proximity
With mistress, girlfriends and hot nanny
Some are known and some are kept in almari
Some are caught in 5 star hotels and some are in KTV
Some are caught in Dangdut club right in the city
Some realized it is a sin in committing adultery
So they crossed the border to solemnize by Thai kadhi
But now people flock to Perlis for their own safety
Southern Thai now in turmoil especially in Pattani

Well Mat John, 2008 promises more absurdity
Bolehland will continue to churn out more sensational story
You don’t have to listen to Feng Shui
Leaders supposed to be role model for everybody
“Jangan tukar pasangan” is slogan by Health Ministry
To remind people the danger being infected by HIV
Well,Chua Soi Lek will remember that slogan very intimately!

Keris Silau
2 January 2008

P.S. I would like to dedicate a song from Timbaland to Soi Lek: “It is too late to apologize”

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