Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apa Kata Survey?

Survey kata UMNO parti korap
Korap sebab ambik rasuah kerap
Pantang tengok pitih terus digarap
Tak lama lagi UMNO jatuh tertiarap
Rakyat meluat macam kucing kurap
Tak berguna sesen macam sampah sarap

Belum apa-apa lagi dah tunjuk belang
Sapa lagi kalau bukan orang Pahang
Bermula dengan penculikan tiga orang
Sehinggalah Ali Rustam dihalang
Semua tu tanda awal apa yang akan datang
Bini pun dah mula bersuara garang

Penduduk Malaysia ada 29 juta
Oleh kerana seorang hancur Malaysia
29 juta tidak dapat halang seorang manusia?
Yang dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan Altantuya
Dan kerakusan yang terserlah merampas kuasa
Tidak ada perdana menteri sebelumnya
Yang membawa baggage penuh tandatanya
Malu kita rakyat Malaysia kepada luar negara
Membiarkan seorang ala Mugabe untuk berkuasa
Nampaknya kita akan jadi Zimbabwe Asia
Oh sungguh malang nasib kita rakyat jelata
Berperdanamenterikan seorang yang begitu curiga

Kita memohon dan berharap supaya Raja
Melakukan sesuatu mengelakkan dari hampa
Rakyat menaruh harapan tinggi kepada istana
Walaupun hampa dengan sultan disebelah utara
Namun kita pasti Raja yang adil masih wujud di dunia.

Keris Silau
18 March 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letter to Mat John - Tree Story

Dear Mat John,

Oh man what is happening to this country
Never before ADUNs meet under the tree
Possibly it was the first in our history
Salutes to those ADUNs for the bravery
They showed to us the true democracy
Despite the intimidations by the Kuku Besi
Despite name calling from Zohid and Nazeri
In contrary those two are stupid menteri
Celaka and bodoh are Nazeri’s common vocabulary
While Zohid amassed wealth and live in luxury
As menteri agama he should be an exemplary
In fact he owned fleet of Mercedes and Ferrari
To be exact around 18 cars seen in vicinity
While many struggling to feed the family
Especially now in the struggling economy
Our Menteri Agama collect cars as his hobby

As law enforcer police must be acting in impartiality
When UMNO goons gather in illegal assembly
And they even harassed the OKU in parliament lobby
No actions taken by our IGP or our AG
They only take the Toyo for ride for show only
When Perak Speaker call for DUN assembly
With legitimate order using his authority
The police go beyond their role by blocking the entry
Even Bar Council puzzled with the authority
They even have gut to declare it illegal assembly
Are we on the brink to be Zimbabwe friendly

Pak Lah is leaving soon as Perdana Menteri
Good bye to 4th floor boys lead by Khairy
You guys can now gather in Restoran Ghani Briyani
They also serves teh tarik while surfing internet is free
Nor Jeep will occupy 4th floor with friends of Sexpole Bukhari
Scholarship will be offered if you are willing to lompat parti
And to those who confessed to be victims of Sodok Me

Well, Malaysia soon will have new Perdana Menteri
The only PM that carry a sickness call TB
Bukan tubercolosis tetapi Takut Bini
The fat lady loves kissing actors from Hindi movie
A little bit short but has potent weapon for her enemy
Dont play play with this Roh Sir Ma soon to be First Lady
You’d better run for your life if that become reality
Oh ya ladies, please keep track of your hubby
Roh Sir Ma hubby known as kidnapper lately
Three ADUNS from Perak became victims already
Two male ADUN and a lady ADUN called He

So Mat John please look for a decent house in Sydney
I might have to migrate before they nab me

Keris Silau
6 March 2009