Monday, December 10, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 5)

Dear Mat John,

Another Bolehland story
Have you heard about Malaysian Open University
They just appointed Jean Abdullah Badawi
To become Chancellor of the university
You can see Pak Lah is smiling broadly
Sampai nampak gusi
Of course our Mak Mertua will be very happy
Not bad for a former butler to Perdana Menteri
I know you are laughing uncontrollably
Now you know why we fared badly
In the THES top 200 World Best University
Appointing someone from friends and family
Whim and fancy, forget about meritocracy
Well Mat John, another absurdity!

As usual congratulatory messages streaming continuously
Especially in Utusan and Umno owned NST
Another way of wasting the money
But for kaki bodek that is necessity
They will advertise anything to please Badawi

This is another fact of absurdity
Some universities are owned by governing party
TAFE and Medical College owned by MIC
MCA owned UTAR University
Gerakan just established Wawasan University
Don’t talk about UMNO, they have plenty
Indonesian will call this proses indoktrinisasi
Some sort like paper mills producing Degrees
That explains 80,000 unemployed graduates in this country
I hope they have not reached a level by offering PhD
Soon we will have unemployed PhDs looking for job vacancies

Pak Lah asked ministers to hands off sport’s body
Because it brought more misery than victory
Meddling by politicians made our football in state of sorry
Pathetic compare to the time of Mokhtar Dahari
It will be worse after Khairi became FAM Deputy
Look at how they fared in Sukan SEA
Like sports, same treatment must apply to the university
Revamp Malaysian higher education policy
Don’t choose Ketua Bahagian as VC
Then you will have UMNO Cawangan Universiti
Choose VC based on his or her vision and capability
Let freedom of speech and ideas flow in the university
I would like end by quoting UM Law Professor Azmi
“If you loved your universities, set them free”

Keris Silau
10 December 2007

p.s. I dont write fluently today - Arsenal lost 2-1 to Mboro.

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