Monday, December 24, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 8)

Dear Mat John,

Oh man, politics getting hot and spicy
The latest was scathing remark by Paranjothy
He is Gerakan Youth wing VP
He accused Hisham and Khairy
For racial slurs and causing racial disunity
Inciting Malays to hate other community
Most of their remarks are discriminatory
Such as boycott by newsvendors during Deepavali
And keris (not me) brandishing just to gain popularity

Paran also support Hindraf rally recently
He said street demos started by ruling party
No police permit was obtained to hold the rally
Yet the BN youth held the demo “legally”
He said police was one-sided how about that IGP

Hisham was furious and retaliated immediately
He wanted Gerakan to take action against Paranjothy
If not, the ties will be severed among component party
How can he launched the attack publicly
It is not BN culture to criticize leaders so openly
It is stipulated in Dosa-Dosa Besar of BN policy
Womanizing, drinking, gamblings are permissible in this party
But criticizing leaders is a major sin tantamount to expulsion from party
Don’t you remember the remarks made by Mokhzani
He said Badawi’s speech has no quality
Pressured by some quarters led him to apologize to Badawi

That’s it, BN is in trouble already
Tun Daim added more headaches to Badawi
Normally diam Daim made some commentary
He said this in the Chinese daily
He said watch out for hotspots in the country
No, no, I am not referring to Maxis or Digi
Election hotspots referring to tiga negeri
Selangor DE, Kedah DA, and Penang DB
Penang DB? Penang Darul Bedui
FYI, Dar in Arabic means a state or country
Bedui are peasants that live in Saudi
Nothing to do with Perdana Menteri

Mat John, I don’t think Oz’s politics are this spicy
You should move to Malaysia permanently
Bolehland provides you with more opportunity
Since you have Mat as your first name already
You may enjoy privilege being indigenous Bumi
And you can enjoy political absurdity live on TV
Many clowns to entertain you nightly

Keris Silau
24 December 2007

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