Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Letter to Mat John

Dear Mat John,

Oh man, I love this country
I called it the land of political absurdity
Full of ludicrousness amid stupidity
First in the pipeline is Mr. Badawi
The country’s 5th Perdana Menteri
Hailed from notable ulema’s family
In that spirit he created a new Islam Hadhari
The so-called modern Islam resembling Turkey
Some touted it as Islam Ada Hari
When the original Islam turned awry

He loves to travel in style like big celebrity
Making grand entrance in any opportunity
So he insisted a private jet paid by Treasury
He got it despite hullabaloo by bloggers community
He said the government didn’t purchase it out rightly
The government is leasing it from SPM, a GLC
For him, this is a good strategy
By doing that he thinks he can save money
Oh yeah, he thinks people believe his story

Perth seems to be his favorite city
Last December he opened Nasi Kandar Puteri
And then went on sailing trip with Todt of Ferrari
Back home worst flood hit Johor Kota Tinggi
17 died and 90000 evacuated in that tragedy
But yet, the jet setting PM was outside the country
He might use remote control key

Badawi has son-in-law by the name of Khairi
He married Badawi’s daughter Nori
Recently both blessed with the baby
That has longest name in the country
I can only remember the last name, Khairi
This young chap is Pemuda Umno deputy
Claimed to have “protection” from Mr. Badawi
Has a big wish to be PM by age of forty
So he is gathering support from Putera and Puteri
At the same time accumulated wealth aggressively
Through ECM Libra and some crony
Media was at his helm through NST
Now he has potent tools – money, media and machinery
And his father in law alias Perdana Menteri

Meanwhile Hisham is putting up a new strategy
His kris wielding attracts flak of Malay supremacy
It backfires especially to Chinese community
His reasoning draws conclusion that he is puny
Najib is not convince Hisham to be his deputy
Najib may consider a big mouth Nazri
Provided that Rosmah is okay to work with Nazri
You know why lah, Najib takut bini

We don’t have to elaborate the story
You have to come here to enjoy the absurdity
We have quite a few funny ministers and MP
Such as hilarious Work Minister Mr.Samy
Before Hindraf he represents Indian community
The longest serving minister that heads MIC
In press conference he got agitated quite easily
When Umno conference was held on Deepavali
He said no “open house” as sign of hostility
He twisted the decision maybe after talking to Indrani
This MIC leaders share similar trait and personality
The latest one was Cameron Highland MP Mr. Devamani
He has broken ranks with fellow BN MP
When he accused government not doing enough for Indian community
After meeting with BN Whip, he regretted and say sorry

to be continued….

Keris Silau
4 December 2007

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Anonymous said...

Keep on blogging, your style. They are gems after gems.