Thursday, December 06, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 3)

Dear Mat John,

It has been hectic lately
I will miss summer in Sydney
Unless I hop on Pak Lah’s jet to OZ
I am not joking it can be a reality
I will follow footsteps of Khairy
Bump my car to Jean’s daughter accidentally
Get to know her daughter and marry
Then the rest is history
I became step son-in-law of Mr. Badawi
Step brother-in-law to Nori
Are those words are in dictionary
No worry mate Malaysia Boleh mentality
You can try your luck for one more vacancy
Than we can compete with Khairi
Forget about 4th floor we can occupy Level 3
Then we ask our step pak mertua for some AP
We can go thru our Mak Mertua alternatively

Well, you don’t learn this in university
Khairy got the idea from Hindi movie
Know-how becoming secondary
Know-who is now a priority
Those professors got to learn the reality
Just like Cash-Flow quadrant from Kiyosaki
University taught us to become Employee
Sampai mati asyik makan gaji
Not to become rich and wealthy
So we suffer during economic crisis and Inflasi
Umno cronies have buffet but we have Maggi mee

How do you like my modus operandi
Do you think it will work nicely
But Mat John, I am not that hungry
I don’t have plan to become PM by 40
I don’t dream to own a few Bs
I am just contented with a few Cs
Life is not about power and money
I don’t go for glamour and popularity
I don’t yearn for assets and property
I just happy to study Shafie and alGhazali
Meaningful life in Damai Abadi

Keris Silau
6 December 2007

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Anonymous said...

Gurindam mu sedap sekali
Patut dianugerah pingat sakti
Suka tersengeh kelihatan gigi
Kalu buleh mu sambung lagi