Friday, December 07, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 4)

Dear Mat John,

I can’t wait till weekend to tell you this story
The latest news on our judiciary
The appointment of Zaki Azmi
As a second highest post in judiciary
Former legal adviser to governing party
He made headline by marrying Norhayati
Second marriage solemnized by Thai kadi
Seems to be the passion among menteri
The marriage lasted three months only
Divorce proceeding turned messy
Resigned after media report his story
Morally unfit to hold job as Umno disciplinary
But now fit enough to be in judiciary

Have many business interests in the country
Among them are public listed companies
How can he ensure impartiality
Azlan Shah talked about importance of impartiality
You have to look impartial as principal quality
But Pak Lah seems unperturbed by that quality
Pak Lah seems to admire this kind of personality
With dubious character and tainted integrity
Another sign of Pak Lah’s stupidity
Another reason for international media mockery

People wonder why he did it in hurry
In announcing the two top posts of judiciary
We wonder why King gave consent and agree
That is our last hope by His Majesty
Like what he did to Fairuz recently
Or is there a maneuvering or conspiracy
In a new brand of Pak Lah democracy
Ineffectual but still manage to get things done finally

Well Mat John, another Malaysia Boleh!

Have a good weekend
Enjoy your summer
Keep some strawberries for me

Keris Silau
7 December 2007

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Saya terhibur membaca surat-surat untuk Mat John :-)

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