Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 7)

Dear Mat John,

I was away on vacation with family

Nothing much in the news lately

Same old same old story

Anyway rumors have been circulating intensely

That election will either be in March or late February

Banners, flags, buntings are all available already

They ordered from a sleepy town in Pattani

It is cheaper than Malaysian company

And you also can see the aspiring YBs

Portraying themselves as capable MPs

Attendance in parliament improved significantly

Same goes to Dewan Undangan Negeri

Some will intensify visits to their constituency

Fulfilling all the promises and janji-janji

Aspirants will also involve themselves in charity

Presenting mock check to the needy

Or distributing foods to floods’ evacuees

All rustle up for good publicity

For this upcoming Hari Raya Haji

You will see those sacrificing cows and biri-biri

Some will even bring unta from Saudi

Eat together with kampong folks in the kenduri

Garnering support to ensure victory

In return those folks will get kain pelikat and some money

Enough to buy a packet of rice and some sundry

YB will also love to pay visit to family of orang mati

To show his grief and sympathy

From now on songkok will be in the car permanently

In bigger towns they will throw a party

Bring some dangdut artist to sing and menari

To entertain some supporters and pekerja parti

Menyanyi menari sampai ke pagi

YB will announce the incentive to Wanita and Puteri

A paid trip to Cameron Highlands and Bukit Tinggi

While Ketua Bahagian will be happy for a golf trip to Krabi

Ka Ting said helping people is MCA priority

Regardless whether you are Chinese or Benggali

YBs has to represent every community

I read in today’s Star, an MCA’s news agency

Well, you can say whatever nice to pancing undi

But the rakyat will be the jury

They can’t be bought easily

They are tired of politicians’ antics and stupidity

Tired of some absurdity among the menteri

To name some like Samy, Zam and Nazri

Who talked like that they own this country

Even son-in-law that doesn’t hold post as menteri

Lagak kalah menteri, who else, menantu Badawi

He will be one of the BN candidates definitely

If Islam allows betting, I will put my money

Anyway Islam haramkan berjudi

His meteoric rise not because of his capability

But as you are aware, a “protection” from Badawi

Well Mat John, this is the 7th Mat John series

I have written many about those monkeys

Before they come and arrest me

They can concocted a number of tipu story

They will say that my writing disrupt racial harmony

My writing is threatening national security

They might even accuse me of sodomy

Then, I have to fly back to Ostrolia immediately

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard will be happy to see me

Please make doa’ for a protection from Almighty

Keris Silau

18 December 2007

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