Friday, January 18, 2008

The Story of Mistaken Royalty

Oh man, were you in Royal Inquiry?
How he become minister puzzles me
Teuku Mansor who heads Tourism Ministry
For your info he is not from Royalty
He has similar name to the late P Ramlee

Linggam mentioned his name sebelas kali
He said that fella must be intoxicated badly
Mabuk and failed to call his name correctly
Maybe he saw picture of Linggam with Martini
I thought that bottle in the picture was Linggam Sos Cili

Did he want to fool the Panel of Inquiry
They should charge him of lying blatantly
In legal terminology is called perjury
Becoming laughing stock across the country
Turning the proceeding into mockery

I don’t think he will be in the next GE
Together with those stupidest MPs
And should include Nazry the Balachi
And don’t forget the longest serving minister Samy
How about the fate of Sec Gen Mr. Radzi
Shahidan should forget to continue as Perlis MB
Our Infotainment minister Zam is out definitely
Soi Lek is already out as Health Minister and Labis MP
All Tun M-linked ministers can kiss goodbye already
So who will replace those menteris
The answer lies with Mr. Bed Wee
Will he bring in Lord Kali and son-in-law Khairi
Who is rumored to contest in Putrajaya constituency
Well, we will wait and see
If you ask me which minister that should be replaced immediately
My answer is the Grand Imam of Islam Hadhari
Also known as Malaysia Sleeping Beauty

Keris Silau
18 January 2008


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