Monday, January 21, 2008

Jalan Duta Court is smelly

Whew, another white lies in the Inquiry
Lies, lies, lies no wonder Jalan Duta is smelly
Another Inquiry that turns into mockery
Ex CJ, had held the highest position in the judiciary
One don’t expect lies from that kind of credibility

Here are some excerpts from ex-CJ’s testimony
I just bumped into him and the family in Changi
And he decided to tag along to land of Maori
We happened to have the same travel itinerary
The travel plan was done by my secretary
I can’t stop him from following me, it’s his money
I put my hand on his shoulder only
He is kenalan biasa nothing extraordinary
I don’t hug him and kiss him on the pipi (made up by the author)
I am not close to him can’t you all see
I never get caught in close proximity
There were 5-10 pictures of me and family
I can’t stop him from taking picture of me
Was that Linggam, no I can’t see it clearly
Sounds like him tetapi saya tidak pasti
Whew, a bus load of lembu punya tahi

Grill them and they will lie to everybody
Cakap tipu mana boleh lari
Counsels questioned the evidences’ veracity
No wonder they want to avoid this Royal Inquiry
From white lies to loss of memory
Selective amnesia was just added to the glossary
Well you may get away from this inquiry
But I don’t think you could get away with the Almighty!

Keris Silau
21 January 2008

kenalan biasa= ordinary acquaintance
pipi = cheek
tetapi saya tidak pasti= I am not sure
lembu punya tahi = bull shits
Cakap tipu mana boleh lari = you can’t escape if you lie

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