Friday, June 22, 2007

Bodoh Lagi!

Bodoh punya MP
Keluar dari mulut Nazri
Dalam parlimen punya sessi
Kit Siang tanya pasal Dato Johari
Yang disiasat Anti Corruption Agency
Kit Siang also questions his Ministry

So when the debate turns ugly
Bocorlah perkataan rasmi
Daripada mulut kita punya menteri
Maka jadilah sessi maki-memaki
Susah nak control by Ramli

Words like Bodoh is derogatory
In parliament it is being used daily
To accuse the opposite party
Very uncivilized bunch of MP

A message to Dollah Badawi
To duplicate your March 2004 victory
Please ensure there is no such monkey
Becoming laughing stock internationally
And will become Barisan’s liability
If you still select those MP
Such as the close one-eye MP
Or the one like bocor MPs
Or the one with the first name Say Me
I don’t think you will get my undi
Those brought embarrassment to the country

Keris Silau
22 June 2007


Lrong said...

You are soooo funny lah, my friend... this one had me laughing until tears come out...

Keris Silau said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it.