Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's Next?

American set the date for President Election
In Malaysia, election date is PM’s discretion
After consulting bomoh and feng shui for suggestion
PM will decide when will be the best situation
To call-off the Parliament in session
So it gives an advantage to the ruling coalition

However if the MP died or handed his resignation
Then that will be a snap or by-election
Currently Machap is the attention of the nation
Mainstream media have to paint-up the BN reputation
And to trump up and bad-mouth the opposition
The road will be resurfaced to be in tip-top condition
Pak Mat will get his free Astro connection
Chinese voters will be treated well by Malaysian Chinese Association
Some should ask for scholarship for their children education

As usual empty promise will be part of election
Same thing Pak Lah said about fighting corruption
Talk only but no action
Work with me not for me is a false impression
The same thing goes with the policy of affirmative-action
It is the license to rob the wealth of the nation
It is the tool for cronies satiating the temptation
Have you forgotten the AP issue that rock the nation
After 37 years Malays remain poor and awful living condition
Income disparity became more apparent despite industrialization
Cronies continue to build mega-mansion
Remember Dato Z that built it without authorization
Crony continue to release those in detention
Dato J apparently got a carrot for RM5 million
Some continue to serve as Ministers despite the allegation
Some making overseas trip to improve bilateral relation
But ended up having affair with a Mongolian
RM3 million for each Head of Division
In order for him to remain as Head of the Nation
And we still want them in the office to further strengthen the rampant corruption?

Keris Silau
12 April 2007

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