Saturday, April 07, 2007

The First Family

Have you heard about The First Family?
That refers to the family of Pak Lah Badawi
Who has a son Kamal and a daughter Nori
And the infamous Son-In-Law Khairi
Who thinks he will be the next Perdana Menteri
Nori thinks she is the First Lady
Since the death of her mom recently
She competes with Najib punya isteri
Who also thinks she is the First Lady
Kamal do not really care about the publicity
He is busy amassing wealth locally and luar negeri
Through his “greedy for contract” company Scomi

The latest news is about the Perth property
It was reported in the blog and Malaysiakini
No wonder bloggers are under great scrutiny
Reports about the yacht and a jet peribadi
And the so-called marriage with a French lady
Despite his fame as Malaysia sleeping beauty
He stays alert these days with all this publicity
Even Samy Vellu start to hentam his ministry
Samy said toll hike was decided by EPU not me
He will fight with EPU reported by today’s NST
But a person likes Samy
Don’t take him so seriously
He learned his trick from watching Hindi movie
By the way, when he is going to quit permanently
Unlike Keng Yaik who called it a day tak lama lagi
Will be replaced by Ah Koon the big nosy

Well this is the latest political story
Full of colors, rumors and very funny
We have not written about Dato Johari
Or the scandal involving Mongolian lady
And the Mamak Bendahra(Rtd) who remains fiery
Despite rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari
His mind is still sharp and witty
He will not let go Pak Lah easily
Meanwhile sit back as I want to go for secawan kopi.

Keris Silau
April 6, 2007


uncle tan said...

Can I have some peace of mind?

Keris Silau, and those irresponsible bloggers of today,
Why should you always indulge in my private affairs?
Since the untimely demise of my dear wife Endon
I've been spending my days all quiet and forlorn;
Is it a sin to search again for someone who I can care?

You accuse me of corruption, nepotism and cronyism
But I need time for my Hadhari philosophy to function;
I believe you're all smart enough to understand
How I've inherited a corrupt system from TDM;
Can I possibly clean up the system within one short term?

Kamal, Nori, Khairi and Jeany are all in the world I care;
I liken them to the golden daffodils that blossom in May.
Please dismantle all the rumour mills,
Torment them not on our nation's ills,
And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the daffodils.


Amiruddin Azlan said...

kalau sheikh kicadafella terkenal dengan posternya...keris silau bolehkah digelar "pantun man"....x suka xpe...just to greet u...yg penting matlamat kita sama...memberi kesedaran pada rakyat dan mengambil peranan wartawan untuk kesejahteraan negara..btw you've done quite an interesting article

uncle tan said...

I won't change regime

This is the kingdom of Bolehland where UMNO reigns supreme
Bloggers may nag and brag but sure I won't change my regime
We've plenty of charismatic warriors like our famous Kerismuddin
Now, tell me, by preserving our Malay rights, is that such a big sin?


Anonymous said...

Dear Keris Silau,
Allow me:
So many stories about Pak Lah Badawi,
Ada yang sedih, ada juga mengeli hati,
He believes so much in this boy Khairy,
coming from Oxford, curi hati Nori.

People say this, say that, still he not peduli,
I wonder if his heart is made of besi keluli,
Rakyat waiting for Pak Lah to cari ganti,
I think Nori doesnt favour a mak-tiri.

Pak Lah please wake up and pergi mandi,
before pergi ofis, take a roti and secawan kopi,
To stay awake and dont feel sleepy,
Where are the files? please ask the secretary.
The files are on the table, she replied politely,
He takes one look and say "Lets go for another cuti".

Not much of a poem !

Aunty Yeh.

uncle tan said...

Auntie Yeh,

Yours is a nice and colourful bilingual verse, and very pleasing to the ears. Keep going!

Keris Silau said...

Dear Uncle Tan, Amirudin and Aunty Yeh,

Thank you for all your comment.

Keep visiting my blog. Still more to come.

Keris Silau.

p.s. By the way, not a bad start for Aunty Yeh seloka.

J said...

Aunty Yeh,

that's a beaut.