Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ijok is getting more interesting
12000 voters getting more confusing
Who is actually contesting
Khir Toyo or Najib yang bising
Or Partiban who just go around smiling
Anwar launched an attack over the killing
Najib answered he know nothing
Sue me in court if you are willing
No lah I dont want your wife feel embarassing
What kind of excuse is he giving?
While IRD is busy with E-Filing
Ijok is busy with E-Joking

BN accused opposition yang baling
But a lot of witness saw everything
Khairy and all the mat samsing
So that made Pak Lah fuming
He said stupid to those that throw thing

Ijok is really amusing
Other than those who sing
We have a lot of story telling
Hikayat Si Altantuya that gone missing
To Si DPM who keep denying
Who insists he know nothing about the killing
Saya tak kenal Altantuya rakyat warga asing

Khir allocated RM36M for infrastructure
My God that's a lot of money for sure
Is he smoothing the road like his facial makeover
Instead of putting up the tarmac he adds moisturizer

Whatever it is BN will claim the victory
Kalau lihat senarai daftar undi
Ada pengundi yang sudah mati
Dan ada yang lahir in early 20th century
Update sungguh the list from the EC
This is the best form of democracy
Entah guna tahun bila punya banci
Buang masa aja pi kempen hari-hari
Whoi BN hang mai tipu mana aci
Baik aku balik rumah dok dengan bini.

Keris Silau
24 April 2007

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