Thursday, August 30, 2007

Negara Islam Ada Hari

Abdullah Gul is a new president for Turkey
Western media claim it may cause controversy
Since Turkey is a secular country
Headscarf is no-no for First Lady
Gul's wife wears hijab since primary

Malaysia claims to be an Islamic country
But the recognized version is Islam Hadhari
The version where the headscarf is not necessary
As you all can see
In case of Jean A. Badawi
A wife to the Perdana Menteri
The founder of Islam Hadhari

Leader needs to be an exemplary
The good leader is like our baginda Nabi
He is humble and despised luxury
He disallowed his children to take the money
Even though he was caretaker to the Treasury
No family members get any priority
The daughter Fatimah lived in poverty
Nabi died without owning any asset or property
No, he doesn’t have any property oversea
Nor he has any award like Tun or Tan Sri
Nor any building is named after him or his family
He is the man with compassion and piety

So how to compare ourselves with Nabi
Malay proverb said macam langit dengan bumi
Yes we can write a poem like Damai Abadi
Quotes kita bongkar rahsia kitab suci
And again kita bongkar rahsia sunnah nabi
So when are you going to do that Mr. Badawi?

Keris Silau
August 29, 2007


shukor said...

Tuan Keris Silau,

Saya dengan ini memohon kebenaran untuk siarkan hasil nukilan tuan ke email group saya iaitu :-

sebenarnya saya dah siarkan beberapa tajuk gurundam tuan terlebih dahulu ke group mail kami.
terima kasih

Keris Silau said...

Silakan Tuan Shukor.

Kalau tak silap ini egroup Sek Men Sains Pulau Pinang tahun 73-77. Mesti semua dah senior-senior belaka.

Keris Silau

bunga rampai said...


Mohon izin untuk linkkan blog ini dengan blog saya. Terima kasih.

Salam Ramadhan :)

keris silau said...

Bunga rampai,

Silakan, terima kasih.