Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letter to Mat John - Tukar Suka Sama Suka

Dear Mat John,

Latest news in Malaysiakini
Hang Le Lah takes over Defence Ministry
In return NorJip got Finance Ministry
There goes all our taxpayers money
We heard Los Mah is very happy
She may go on shopping spree
London Dubai Paris and Italy
Tak main la Singapore or KLCC

I am not sure why he swaps ministry
Maybe he will declare state of emergency
Since he is at the helm of military
He has all under him including Navy
Or maybe he wants to help our DatoSeri
To prevent NorJip from using an Army
To allow DSAI takes over smoothly
Whatever it is we will wait and see

Oh yeah RPK is still in custody
His article made Syed Botak very angry
RPK said not all Syeds are like our nabi
This particular Syed is full of hypocrisy
He said RPK is a threat to national security
But they arrested reporter from Sin Chew Daily
The reason they used ISA is for Tan's safety
I think ini gila punya Menteri!

Do you think Anwar has more than 30 MP
At least two of them from SAPP
They just pulled out from ruling party
I hope Anwar managed to secure enough MP
I tak boleh tahan with Norjip and Badawi
And the antics of Syed Botak and Khairy
Let us pray that God save our country!

Keris Silau
17 September 2008

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