Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Letter to Mat John - Post Election Synopsis

Dear Mat John,

12th General Election is history
Nobody expect BA to reap victory
BN slumped to worst performance in history
All fingers are pointing to Pak Lah and Khairy
JKKK team (Jean-Kali-Kamal-Khairy) failed miserably
Five major states fell to coalition of PAS-PKR-DAP

Pak Lah refused to step down as Perdana Menteri
He said his focus now is to strengthen the party
Mukriz wrote a letter to him personally
But the letter was leaked to internet community
Asking him to take a blame and commit hara-kiri
The only Japanese word he knows is teppayanki
Then another blow came from Tengku Razaleigh
He offered himself to challenge Mr. Badawi
Mukhriz might be a running mate for Ku Li
It is interesting development we will wait and see

Pak Lah doesn't lose sleep over the pressure
The next day he announced new cabinet minister
He brought back Mat Tyson as Rural Minister
Mat Zain was upgraded to full work minister
The guy is a crook when come to money matter
He then appointed Tg Adnan no 1. gangster
As Sec-Gen replacing Radzi ex-Internal Minister
But major surprise was Rafidah Wanita no 1 leader
She sobbed why why Pak Lah you are like my brother
You hold my hand when we celebrate Merdeka together
She was adamant that Azalina is not Wanita member
Azalina is going to form new Umno wing called Other

Well Mat John before I end this letter
I hope Anwar can be next Prime Minister
We will reshuffle the whole cabinet structure
Each BN ministers will have new career
First we appoint Pak Lah as Opposition Leader
We sent Najib to Mongolia as High Commisioner
Khairy will be nuisance as usual as Mat Rempit biker
Malaysian Tattler voted him Son-in-law of the year
Khir Toyo is Mustika Ratu product ambassador
Samy Vellu has a new job as wigs seller
Rafidah goes back to college as AP lecturer
Her popular class is Get rich in 30 days by AP abuser
Azmi Khalid is now Normala new manager
He is getting new email for mail order
Soi Lek is already active with VCD peddler
You can spot him in BB Shopping Center
His latest hit was Seks Terlampau Hell Minister
Teuku Adnan remains as Kepala Gangster
He teamed up with Mamak Gang bank robber
Mat Tyson will go back as money launderer
His company called No Speaking Inglish Money Changer
Hisham will be the Keris Museum Keeper
His job is to kiss all the keris every hour
And I will choose Shahrizat as my babysitter

How about that!!!!

Keris Silau
25 March 2008


Anonymous said...

This is the best so far !! Very true but funny. Keep it up!

Long said...

well done bro....

Anonymous said...

Dear brother keris silau

I like your writings
bersilau silau and bring cheer
u put things so simply and clear
like that i want to read forever

keep it up bro.

Keris Silau said...

Thank you guys. I am glad that you all enjoyed the English Gurindam.

Jayenjr said...

Dear Keris Silau

You are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Alamak !! Sudah 4 hari tak ada gurindam baru ke? Harap Keris Silau tak gerhana ilham pulak.. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Saya tak pernah miss jengok di sini tiap-tiap hari. Harap Keris silau terus berkarya.

Tok Janggut

Keris Silau said...

You all patut pressure Pak Lah bukan Keris Silau.