Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 6)

Dear Mat John,

Sorry, I have been busy
No time to tell you story
But I can’t resist telling you this story
It is about our Perdana Menteri
I thought he just buat-buat bodoh initially
Just acting to be stupid instead of real stupidity
But last week it is confirmed of his absurdity
After helicopter ride from visiting flood situation in the country
He got this brilliant idea that he can’t wait to share immediately
Instead of crooked, we should have straight rivers said Mr Badawi
This one can help mitigate the flood he said confidently
The land can be developed for picnic and nice scenery
I know you are on the floor laughing uncontrollably
Go ahead and burn some calorie

Oh my God, what has he been eating lately
God created rivers in perfect form of topography
Now humans are questioning God’s credibility
I remember that he graduated from Islamic History
He probably got D or F for his Geography

Since some people want to please Perdana Menteri
Especially those mentris in charge of DID
They will instruct all those engineers and kuli
To build rivers in straight line as wish by Perdana Menteri
Those personnel will be sent to Nile River for in-depth study
Sponsored trip paid by DID and Kerajaan Negeri
They will be accompanied by menteri besar and isteri
Visit Pyramids and make use of opportunity
That is what they are good at – wasting money
When question why you bring your bini
They will answer I pakai duit I sendiri
The truth will only be revealed during audit report by AG

Oh my God, what happened to this country??

Keris Silau
12 December 2007


Anonymous said...

May i told you one story
About Badawi and his crony
They don't about Melayu or Jawi
They only care about topping up their money
And make their wives happy
Same as Khairy
Go to hell to democracy
As long as I can sit on my kerusi
Islam Hadari just tipu rakyat only
To get their support for my undi

Hey Rakyat Malaysia tak kiralah pompuan atau lelaki
Bilalah kita ni nak sedar diri
Kita ditipu tiap-tiap hari
Dalam TV1, TV2 dan TV3
Sumpah aku tak mahu undi
Parti Badawi lagi
Dalam pilihanraya ini


Tiru gaya Kerissilau (Dengan izin)

Keris Silau said...

Ok lah tu. Boleh karang banyak lagi.