Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Letter to Mat John (Part 2)

Dear Mat John,

Let me continue my story
Well, you probably have heard it already
About the biggest anti-government rally
Not exactly same scale as 98 Reformasi
On Nov 10 more than 40,000 flooded the city
To protest unfair election practice against EC
Dirty ruling party tactics are legendary
Short-notice on Election Day is customary
Just a day before Pak Lah was basking in glory
In annual affair of UMNO general assembly
Full of hypocrisy and puji-memuji
Pak Lah shouted it loud “don’t challenge me”
Despite threats and warning from Pak Lah and Khairy
People are defiant and take no heed from Badawi
They chanted God is Great, Daulat Tuanku and Reformasi
November is a month of illegal assembly
School holidays thus parents are quite free

The rally was given wide publicity
The rally was headlined in AlJazeera and BBC
Foreign media questioned our brand of democracy
Water cannon and tear gas were fired indiscriminately
Umno leaders are in denial state naturally
Such as Zam who head the Info Minsitry
Zam was trembling uncharacteristically
In an interview that becoming laughing stock in the country
Scrambling for words and chew out frantically
He can’t censor it as we are in digital technology
You can just Google or YouTube easily

Well that is one example of political absurdity
What do you expect from half past six menteri
Some are in complete ignorance and dreary
Some will resort to unthinkable publicity
Giving broom as reward never in history
Some will slaughter cows in parliament for kenduri
To celebrate the matrimony of our own Sleeping Beauty
Another stupid joke by backbencher MPs

You can’t find this in your country
A journalist like Michael Backman will agree
So many things to write for your Daily
No wonder he keeps coming here for juicy story
Malay tabloids prefer to write about ghost and celebrity
That’s saleable among ordinary
Maybe they got sick of constant spat by political party
They prefers to idolize people like Siti or Mawi
Do you think they care who is their MP

to be continued….

Keris Silau
5 December 2007

Note: puji-memuji = full of praise
Daulat Tuanku = Long Live The King
menteri = minister
kenduri = feast, celebration

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Mumu said...

Great job man..great piece..I love it..A present for malaysia