Monday, July 16, 2007

YB buat Kenduri

They never failed to amuse me
I am talking about bunch of MPs
Last week they decided to have a kenduri
To commemorate marriage of Pak Lah Badawi
What they did was senseless and crazy
They slaughtered animals near parliament lobby!?!!?
The august house is becoming slaughter house in the country

And Pak Lah was supposedly happy
Coz someone slaughtered cows for him and Jeanie
Another Backbenchers ball polishing activity
Great, next year slaughter camel for their anniversary
We can bring some camels from Saudi
Oh yeah we invite some tourist to witness the ceremony
Say this is part of the ritual besides Raya Haji
Tourism Minister will be more than happy
Or assign this task to that Bodoh Menteri
Bodoh, Rubbish and Racist are his daily vocabulary
Just like Good Morning or Selamat Pagi

Well, what's next my beloved MP?
Another episode of Mr. Bean's absurdity
We will wait and see
General Election pun tak lama lagi
You will see more acting from these YB
You will see them more in your constituency
Buat muka kesian just to get your undi
Put on smiling face like MAS pramugari
But people will still give them majority
Now I wonder who is more stupid and silly?

Keris Silau
16 July 2007

1 comment: said...

When are u coming out with your "antoloji"?. Reading yr "sajaks" certainly makes my day.