Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Petronas Gali, Pak Lah Joli

It was reported Petronas gross profit is 77B
And Petronas net profit is 56B
Wow that’s a lot of money
For people like you and me
28 percent was tax paid to IRB
The money then goes to Finance Ministry
The minister is none other than Badawi
A finance minister that graduated in Islamic History
So he decides how to spend the money
With the help of the infamous SIL Khairy
Since FIL thinks SIL is clever and brainy
Just because he graduated from Oxford University
And PM also being assisted by Mullah Kali
Nothing to do with that Mullah Umar al Iraqi
This Mullah eat roti benggali with mutton curry
The other Mullah eat roti with humos and tahini
And now Pak Lah has another assistant named Jinie
Together they formed a JKKK* committee

JKKK decides how to run this country
The backbone of the monetary policy
Not the one that chart the macro economy
This one propose the shares for each crony
In form of projects given to certain company
Yes they give some to Say Me
To ensure the continuous support from MIC
And some to orphanage home and charity
So that they look compassion and empathy
And to ensure rakyat remain happy
They approved the increase in salary
A meager increase enough to give BN a victory
They also abolished a tax called RPGT
So that foreign investors buy more property
Since the success of IDR is top priority

So now back to Petronas profitability
Does the high profit benefits you and me?
Are we driving highways that are toll-free?
Do we receive medical-aid as retiree?
Do we get to enjoy world class facility?
Do we get to enjoy all the goodie?
Can we have tuition-free university?
The money only benefits crony and their family
No wonder most of the brightest Malaysians are oversea
Frustrated with the crony-based economy
Frustrated with leaders that are corrupt and greedy
Frustrated with arrogant idiots in the country

Petronas contributes 35% to the economy
Now we can still depend on Petronas profitability
But even CEO Hassan Merican is worry
He said “minyak asli akan habis 4 tahun lagi”
There goes our major revenue for the country
And the major revenue to the crony!

Keris Silau
3 July 2007


Anonymous said...

where do you find the time and inspiration to write all these? i wish i could write like you do, but as i can't, i enjoy reading them. so please, don't stop ;o)

Amiruddin Azlan said...

2nd u Anonymous!

Keris Silau said...

Thank you guys. Keris Silau is to Educate and Entertain.