Friday, October 17, 2008

Major Dissapointment

Dear Mr. Abdullah Badawi
How do you reform judiciary
When you just appointed Zaki Azmi
To be the Chief Justice of this country
He was active member of your party
Head of Disciplinary Committee
Once married in Thai town called Patanni
Second marriage solemnized by Thai Kadi
I heard that caused furore in his family
What kind of message is that Mr. Badwi?

That appointment made us look silly
It is a step backward condemned by many
We already have been laughing stock lately
Latest was the Malacca medal tally
Awarded Datukship to a hero of Hindi movie
That was really the peak of absurdity
Rosmah will love to attend the ceremony
We have seen her peaking Shah Rukh Khan pipi
I cant imagine if she becomes the First Lady

While we are seeing the tumbling of global economy
Our UMNO leaders are busy with Pilihanraya Parti
Siang malam di coffee house mengatur strategi
Do they care about managing monetary policy
They are more interested to get more undi
Some of pecacai will be rich with more money
They dont care about rising price or inflasi
They are more interested in becoming MT
Do they care about ISA detainees and their family
They dont mind if those detainees rotten and mati
So the reform must be done by us Makkal Sakthi!

Keris Silau
17 October 2008

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