Monday, May 28, 2007

Tallest, biggest, longest but ....

Our twin tower is the tallest
Our airport is among the biggest
Our bridge is among the longest
Our court in Jalan Duta is second largest
Despite being the largest, longest and tallest
The maintenance work is the poorest
Our contractors want to complete the fastest
Fixing pipes that are the cheapest
Buying parts that probably the lousiest
Our government buildings are now the dampest
And some dumb MPs will say we are luckiest
Water flow in the house meaning we are bless the most

Our MPs thought they are the smartest
But in reality they are among the dumbest
By making remarks they thought sexiest
Smoking in parliament is very thoughtless
Shouting in parliament is very discourteous
They are probably bunch of uncultivated ruthless
Even though they thought they are cleanest
But Msia corruption index are among the worst
From lowest rank to the highest

Yes the pay rise might be the biggest
But I doubt they are honest
The gift is for BN to remain strongest
Despite all the scandalous cases of dishonest
Voters just being fed with the sweetest

Keris Silau
25 May 2007

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