Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Before the children learn ABC
They have learned to spell KFC
From the fast food industry
One of the factors of child obesity
And the rise of diabesity
Diabetes that started very early
And lack of physical games in school and kindy
More virtual games in playstation and PC
Fingers exercise is the only activity
That explains the rise in obesity
Together with foods that low in quality
From nasi lemak to mee curry
Roti canai and chiken tandoori
Nasi kandar that are full of gravy
Mc Donald’s Big Mac and McFlurry
Chocolate bars and those sweet candy
Instance noodles such as Maggi and Mamee
Don’t be cheated by celebrity Mawi
He is only interested in good money
Those foods hardening children’s artery
At the younger age even before puberty

Children should eat more veggie
Fruits that is rich in Vitamin C
Carbo that provides the energy
Half-boil eggs can be taken daily
Essential fats to be brainy
Sharper mind and stable personality
No need to drink air jampi
Or Kismis endorsed by Ustaz Ismail Dictionary
No need to take that to increase memory
Just take more soy protein and Vitamin B

Please don’t take child’s diet lightly
Child’s diet is part of the family
Children must grow to be healthy
Not so much on how to make them wealthy
Don’t push them to study, study, study
Allow them to play intermittently

Don’t worry, be happy!

Keris Silau
7 May 2007

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Anonymous said...

very funny, but very true ...time 2 change my children's diet and lifestyle.. keep up the good work.