Friday, October 02, 2009

Peringatan Untuk Semua

Mula gempa di Tasik Malaya
Kemudian banjir besar di Manila
Akibat taufan bernama Ketsana
Kemudian tsunami pula melanda
Di kepulauan Pasifik Samoa
Keesokan hari pula terjadinya gempa
7.6 Richter scale di Padang Sumatera
Ramai kehilangan anak dan saudara
Dijangka hilang lebih 1000 nyawa
Ini semua berlaku keliling kita
Ingat Allah Maha Berkuasa
Allah bisa menurunkan apa saja
Oleh itu beringatlah sentiasa
Malapetaka berlaku sekelip mata
Janganlah kita lupa dan alpa
Jangan kita terlalu gembira
Simpatilah kepada mereka
Yang ditimpa musibah Allahtaala

Keris Silau
2 Oktober 2009


dollah yankee said...

paling baik kalau kita sedekah Al Fatihah dan 3 Qul setiap kali lepas solat untuk meringankan ujian ini...

reek said...

It is not surprise that BN had done all the shameless things which possible exist in this word!

They are a group of scum, shit and rubbish that never know shame and never respect human rights!

I wonder why there are still some fools that never realise and keep on supporting corrupted BN!

yuking said...

The very foundation of Umno are lies - lies about May 13 riot, lies about malay special right, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

vesewe said...

If only the malays are a bit smarter, then BN won’t win. The problem is malays are too damn stupid that they keep voting for BN. I don’t know what poison BN gave to make them in this state.

miya said...

Bodoh punya melayu babi……….

Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land - buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

Kita tak suka kamu orang datang sini mengorek sumber petroleum tanah kita - this Sabah and Sarawak land not belongs to your malays.

Get out from Sabah and Sarawak la!

Bodoh melayu babi!

romsam said...

Never mind, because UMNO already brought us disaster for last 30 years! No one would be worst than this.

kentanjim said...

This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

fargowin said...

Malaysians must wake up now and kick BN out from the federal government. If Malaysians dreaming about BN can change, it will be a disaster for Malaysia. I don't want to mention all the wrongdoings of BN - it will be a long list that this page will never able to feed in.

aston said...

You are so damn right. From day one I am still trying to figure out what Najib meant by 1Malaysia. Every stooge in UMNO including his deputy is surely anti 1Malaysia if my interpretation is right.

As for PR, not only the dickhead Zulkifli Nordin, but Hassan Ali should be sacked from the parties for dragging PR through mud, with their uncalled for press releases, and idiotic stand on sensitive matters.

Anonymous said...

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