Monday, May 19, 2008

Letter to Mat John - Hikayat Si Tembam

Dear Mat John,

How are you my buddy
Do you miss my story
Same old same old story
Besides the usual Pak Lah or Khairy
Now we have Najis's second isteri
Los Mah the wannabe First Lady
She can even shouted to royalty
This got to do with Pet recently
She is so unnatural to me
With botox that filled her pipi
4.5 feet tall and her tumit tinggi
She looks like the old Barbie
I don't want to use the word bitchy
Tak manis and not nice culturally
Queen E awarded her new title QC
No. 1 Queen Control in this country
Imagine when hubby become Perdana Menteri
She will decide the fate of our country
In all aspects be it economy or foreign policy
What to buy for our Navy and Army
French Scorpenes or Israelis Uzi
Direct negotiations without Defense Ministry
She can even close down Magnolian Embassy
Cut diplomatic ties with sovereign country
She can order release of those murderers in custody
Whoa disaster looming if she ever become First Lady

While I write this letter another breaking news in Mkini
Dr M quits UMNO and will return if Pak Lah berhenti
This piece of news send shivers to the party
With December election promise to be hot and spicy
It will strengthen the position of Tengku Razaleigh
In his efforts to be the Malaysian 6th Perdana Menteri
Mukhriz will continue to create more controversy
Mukhriz will team up with Ku Li against Team Badawi
Team Badawi includes Hang Lah Hang Jin and Hang Ri
If Team Badawi get defeated all of them will cabut lari
Anyway it will not happen as PR will take over the country
Those chicos better join PR that only needs 33
Anwar will emerge as the new leader of Makkal Sakhti
If that happens I will write to you as new Menteri
New Minister in charged of Bloggers Community
Ha ha ha I will do better than Ahmad Shabery
Talks are cheap my buddy!

Keris Silau
19 May 2008

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Bunga Rampai said...


Terima kasih menunaikan hasrat saya. Menghargainya.

Surat akan datang, jangan lupa beritahu Mat John yang Los Mah juga pandai menyanyi ;)