Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thou shall not vote Barisan

Now only you talk on racial unity
Before this you talk like big bully
Keris wielding becoming part of the ceremony
To scare other races on Malay supremacy
And we still remember things said by Khairi
All this remain intact in our memory
We will not forget that episode easily

We will not give you 2/3 majority
Even though you hug and kiss me
Even if you declare holiday on Chap Goh Mei
And more funds for schools, temples and university
And continue to pour more goodie
And revise your New Economic Policy
Whatever thing you do to please our community
Your damage repairs are too late already
Too late to apologize or say sorry

Look at how scared Tsu Koon to Badawi
His indecisiveness to Federal was a mockery
New CM will be decided by Pak Lah and Khairy
Since there are deep interest among his crony
Three mega projects – PORR, 2nd Bridge and PGCC
Gerakan leave the decision to select among three
Why Gerakan acting president acted so cowardly
Can you decide instead of the Perdana Menteri
Tsu Koon your political career is fart already

Keris Silau
12 February 2008

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