Friday, July 14, 2006

Zidane Hentak Mat Razi

Zidane hentak kepala kat Mat Razi
Kad merah dilayangkan oleh refri
World cup berkesudahan dengan seri
Tapi Italy menang dengan penalti
Kecewa juga peminat Thierry Henry

But the world cup ended up ugly
What was uttered by Metarazzi?
That made Zidane so angry
His headbutt was not necessary
But Mettarazi insulted his family
He did it to preserve his dignity
Viva la Zidane merci merci

Back here TunM headbutt Badawi
Tun M hates Badawi’s Khairy
Who is married to Badawi’s Nori
Tun M told Khairi jangan mimpi
To become Perdana Menteri
Hingus keluar tak kering lagi
Oxford graduates are plenty
Nothing special about that university
Tun M irked by Khairy in NST
How can the boy write eloquently?
Of course being assisted by Lord Kali

Well it is getting interesting lately
I mean politics in this country
More interesting than Islam Hadhari
And Akademi Fantasia Asmawi Ani
With Mahathir banter on Badawi
We are being entertained by two elderly
Despite rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari
We all gelak tak kering gusi

Anyway, we hope this episode end in harmony
For the sake of Muslim unity
Don’t bring the third party
Instead we shall get the Mufti
To mediate the talk such as Harussani
May Allah unite the two Muslims in adversary

Keris Silau
14 June 2006


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